Happy 2018!

Friday Favorites–Window/Mirror Decals

Last year, while shopping on Jane, I saw these Christmas decals and I knew that I needed them to dress up our mirrors and front door. As it turns out, they were my favorite part of our decorations last year and they cost less than $10 each! 

Mirror Decal

So, this year, I was on the hunt for something similar (because, when using decals like this on any surface–other than a permanent fixture–they’re not salvageable after removal). Yet again, Jane came through for me. Here are the decals that I bought this year and where I put them:


Our front door, demanding that all who enter “Be Merry,” dammit!



Our “freebie” mirror, from a neighbor who was moving and desperately dumping items right and left, needed a little Holiday cheer…



I’m so pleased with how the decals turned out this year too. Either I’ve become a decal-application-expert or maybe these decals were a little better constructed, but I had an easier time getting them on this year too. I love how the decals add a special Holiday touch to our home, without busting our budget! 

Daily Boutique Deals
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Happy 2018!

Christmas Home Tour

Before we get started on my home tour, I wanted to let you in on a huge Black Friday deal from Cook Smarts (meal planning site that I’ve talked about HERE and HERE). Use the code HAPPYCOOKING at www.cooksmarts.com and get 40% off on upgrades and gifts of their weekly mealplan service–the one that I swear by! The sale ends on December 6, 2016, so jump on this and prepare to make meal planning easier, healthier and cheaper for your family in the new year! 


In lieu of a Friday Favorites post today, I thought I’d share photos of our Christmas decor from last year. (Yes, 2015–lest you think that I already have my house decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving). 

Two things: My photography isn’t at all where I’d like to it be. This is something that I’m working on. Also, these photos are from last year and I’m planning to change things up a little bit this year (spoiler alert: VINTAGE Christmas decor!), so stay tuned as things develop. In the meantime, enjoy our 2015 Christmas Home Tour and please link to your own in the comments below. 


Our front door…come on it! That door decal was one of my favorite decor items last year. Details on where I purchased and what I purchased for this year coming very soon!


Our entryway. I loved that skinny, scrappy little tree in the entryway. A sale-find from Hobby Lobby. I also bought that “J” mat just for Christmas use last year, but ended up using it all year. 


Another view of the entryway from the stairs. See those white deer on the red table? I scored those for 75% off a few days after Christmas, 2014. I came home with them, so proud, and left the bag on the kitchen counter, then immediately went out to run more errands. The dog decided that there must’ve been something totally delicious and eatable in the bag they were in and grabbed the bag off the counter and dropped my precious, discount deer on the kitchen floor. I came home to glittery deer parts all over my kitchen. I might’ve cried. I hot glued them back together (while cussing the dog) and now they’re super-wonky and awkward-looking, but I don’t care. I still love them. 


The decal on the mirror was another favorite item from last year. It was a bitch to apply, but it I loved the way that it looked and it was the most-commented on item at our family Christmas party. 

Mirror Decal

Our tree, lit up on Christmas Eve, before the “Big Man” made his delivery.  The deer pillows are a favorite of mine (Target) and will play a role in my decor this year too. I also love our German Christmas Pyramid (located on black table behind the tree). We bought it at Wurstfest last year. 

German Christmas Pyramid

Similar German Christmas Pyramid


This is the area right outside our guest bedroom. I had ball decorating the black shelf. The crocheted pink stocking, hanging from the hook, was made by my husband’s late grandmother. Kevin’s mother gave it to us, the Christmas right before Anna was born, when we knew that Anna was going to be a girl. It’s very special to me and I love that I’ve found a way to display it. 

Guest room

Our guest room, all dressed and ready for holiday guests. I love making our guest room comfortable for guests…it’s one of my love languages. Look for a post soon on how to make your overnight guests feel welcome in your home. 


Our dining room. Several years ago, I bought a few Department 56 pieces, used from a neighbor. I’ve since started a little collection. Kevin gave me the Griswold House (Christmas Vacation) last year for my birthday and I love it. This Christmas village is my kids’ favorite part of our Christmas decor. We typically put it out together the weekend before Thanksgiving, so that we can devote a fair amount of time to tweaking it and getting it just right before we’re inundated with the rest of the Christmas decor. 

xmas village

I hope you enjoyed seeing how our house was decorated last year! It was a labor of love, indeed! Stay tuned to see what I do this year–some exciting changes are coming! 


Happy 2018!

Fall home tour 2016


I have a couple of confessions to make. First of all, I decided on the rainiest day in months to take photos of my Fall decor. This, coupled with my already horribly shameful photography skills, resulted in some very “meh” photos. However, I have an unreasonable love for looking at Home Tours on blogs, so I thought I’d share mine today–for better or for worse. So, without further ado…


This is my purple front door that I painted last Fall. You can read about the process here.

fall mantel

Here’s our mantel–nothing fancy, but I do try to adhere to the “groupings of three” rule, when possible. I use a lot of white in our house, so I particularly love the white pumpkin and white birds on the mantel. Also, I’ve had those grapevine, lighted pumpkins for so long–probably 18 years or so. Every year, I hold my breath when I plug them in, but so far, so good. #fingerscrossed 


My kids insisted on getting the crow skeletons, which I have mixed feelings about, seeing as though I feed my beloved birds right outside. Oh well….on November 1, I’ll go bury them in the backyard. 


This is the shelf that I have outside of our guest room. I like to decorate it seasonally. I threw these things on it as an afterthought after I finished decorating the rest of the house, but it’s kind of growing on me.

Happy Fall

Thank you for indulging my paltry Fall home tour with sub-par photography. Link to your own home tour in the comments…