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Halloween 2016–Post Mortem

I don’t love Halloween and, frankly, I never have. 

So, there
So, there! Neener, neener.

As a kid, I never enjoyed dressing up. I really, super-duper hated trick or treating. The whole thing just wasn’t my favorite.

Halloween has gotten a bit more enjoyable now that I have kids, but now I dislike it for new reasons. Namely, the hustle and bustle of coming up with, then purchasing or making Halloween costumes–costumes that my kid may or may not reject at the last second on Halloween night

And at school, the kids typically have a book character parade, so you’re stuck with the chore of coming up with, not one, but TWO Halloween costumes (although, I was lucky this year, because Anna’s favorite book character is a cat and, well, Anna dresses up like a cat for most every costume opportunity). 

Warrior Cat and Mighty Robot
Warriors Box Set: Volumes 1 to 6: The Complete First Series (Warriors: The Prophecies Begin)Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot (Book 1)

All of this to say: I’m super glad that it’s November 1. Today will be spent collecting the less-desirable Halloween candy from last night and packaging it up to either donate or sell to the kids’ dentist and taking down the few Halloween decorations that I put up. In the meantime…

Here are some photos of our Halloween 2016:

About as close to dressing up as we get

Also, wearing my Old Navy flannel–despite the 85 degree weather. 


Halloween kids


Now, I’m off to Pin Thanksgiving recipes…

Image courtesy of www.lollyjane.com
Beautiful, free printable courtesy of LollyJane.com


How was your Halloween? Are you ready for Thanksgiving?


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This or That Halloween tag

Switching things up a bit today on the blog…

Prompted by Megan and Wendy, I’m participating in their “This or That” Halloween tag. Feel free to play along and post to your blog, social media or make a YouTube video and link to it in my comments. 

Image courtesy of www.meganandwendy.com


Chocolate Candy or Fruit: Fruity candy. Believe it or not, I’m not a huge chocolate lover but there’s something about a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or fun-sized Milky Way (or 7) on Halloween night that blows my skirt up indeed. Usually though, I reach for the Skittles, Gummy Bears and Sour Patch Kids every time. 

Witches or Vampires: Witches. I never read the Twilight series (yeah, I know) so I don’t get the romantic notion of vampires but I’ve always thought that witches were kinda cool. Except for the Wicked Witch of the West. That bitch was gnarly. 

Trick or Treat: Neither. I really dislike trick or treating. Even as a child, I never liked going door to door. As an adult (and a parent) I still don’t like it, but in our neighborhood, we have a community-wide “Trunk or Treat” which is way more fun. 

Halloween Party or Scary Movie: Ack. I almost wanna say “neither” again here. I can’t watch scary movies. My real life is scary enough (I kid) so I don’t need to recreationally scare myself. And I don’t like dressing up for Halloween parties, so I hate looking like the unenthusiastic, non-conformist in my t-shirt and jeans at a costume party. 

Skeletons or Zombies: Skeletons for sure. I’m one of 19 people in the world who doesn’t watch The Walking Dead, so I don’t understand the appeal of zombies–plus, I think they’re really super-gross looking. Skeletons are pretty benign and can even be cute. 

Trick or Treat or Hand Out Candy: Hand Out Candy, I guess? But both are equally horrible for an introvert. (See “Trick or Treat” above for a comprehensive explanation of my indifference to Trick or Treating)

Hay Ride or Corn Maze: Probably Hay Ride–except for the HOLY ITCHINESS of hay! Dang, y’all. You don’t understand, unless you’ve ever sat on hay but…gross! So scratchy and itchy! But, my sense of direction is so bad that I feel certain that I’d get fully lost in a corn maze and have to call 911 for help. 

Scary Costume or Funny Costume: Funny costume for sure. I don’t think that I can take myself seriously enough to try and pull off a scary costume. 

Pumpkin Seeds or Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin Pie! I love pumpkin pie (hold the whipped cream)! 

Bottle feed a baby zombie or walk alone in a dark forest: Bottle feed a baby zombie, of course. How bad could a baby zombie be…but, this does beg the question: What’s in the bottle? Liquified brains? 

Bats or Black Cats: Oh, y’all…this is like making me choose which of my children I like better. I love cats. I’m a crazy, crazy, unhinged cat lady. But! Have you seen that video on Facebook of the baby bat nursery in Australia I mean….come on! How cute are they?

Pumpkin Spice or Hot Chocolate: Pumpkin Spice err’day, all day. 

Celebrate in your neighborhood or at the mall? In our neighborhood for sure. It’s fun to visit with neighbors and for my kids to take off to play with their friends from school, at our community Halloween activities. I can’t imagine Trick or Treating among strangers. 

Halloween 2015
Halloween “Trunk or Treat” 2015

Post your own “This or That” and link below!

And be sure to visit Megan and Wendy’s blog as well as their YouTube channel