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“Church of the Small Things” and Other Times That I’m Sure That Melanie Shankle Has Tapped My Phone

Let me start here first, because I owe you an explanation for my absence:

Almost exactly one year ago, I went to a conference and got all jazzed about Rocking My Purpose, making connections and doing what I was called to do. The theme that played over and over that weekend was that I needed to write more. I wished for it; I prayed for it and I set my mind to it.

belong conference

Now, almost 365 days later, I’m writing so much that my eyes dry out several times a day, my back aches from my piss-poor excuse for a desk chair and I now know my cat’s litterbox habits better than I know my own (spoiler: there’s a sought-after litterbox in my office and no, I don’t use the litterbox to do my business).


The downside of all of this writing is that, at the end of the day, I have no more words. Seriously, my brain is mush and all I’m capable of are grunts, eye rolls and (finger) snapping at my disobedient children. Sadly, coming here to blog just isn’t happening with the frequency that I’d like. But, all of this to say, LOOK AT ME! I’m here today and I have something cool to talk about.

I don’t know when I first discovered Melanie Shankle’s blog but I’m an avid reader (especially her Fashion Friday posts). I also listen to her blog (link HERE) when I’m walking the dog and, between that podcast and Watch What Crappens, I’m surely the “crazy lady who laughs to herself while walking the Weimaraner around the neighborhood.”

I really and truly feel like we could be friends in real life if we were ever to meet (and if I wasn’t so socially awkward, of course). We tend to have the same taste in things and she says things that I have thought so often that I swear she’s tapped my email, messenger and phone (because, I’m sure she’s super interested in what I have to say and has time to sit in a van outside of my house with headphones on, listening to my conversations).

Case in point:

Church of the Small Things
Church of the Small Things

Except for in this case, because I HAVE the white couches and I love them, BUT, they’re slipcovered so that I can wash them as needed (and, boy, do they need it right now….boogers and dog hair for daaaayz <Boogers & Doghair will also, coincidentally, be the name of my punk rock band some day>).

I was selected to be on the launch team for her latest book, Church of the Small Things: The Million Little Pieces That Make Up a Life, this summer and I was ecstatic.  Truth serum time: I’ve never read anything other than Melanie’s blog. But, hear this: She has another book called “Nobody’s Cuter Than You,” which I’ve been meaning to read for years and let me tell you why:

——-Tangent Time——–

No one’s cuter than her. No one!


Years ago, when I lived in Corpus Christi, I was at a salon with my dearest friend on the planet. I don’t remember how or why we were both there at the same time. We were broke post-college students, so I know that it wasn’t a “spa-day” situation but, regardless, we were both there at the same time and that’s all I know. There was, what I assume,  a bridal party at the same salon that day and, it sounded like they had probably had a glass (or 42) of champagne. One of the girls would exclaim loudly and at the most random intervals, “NO ONE IS CUTER THAN YOU! NO ONE!” It was bizarre and endearing and hilarious and it stuck with my friend and I and we’ve adopted it as our own. Occasionally I’ll send her a text saying, “NO ONE IS CUTER THAN YOU! NO ONE!” and she gets it. So, all of this to say…when I meet Melanie Shankle, that will be the first thing I ask her, “were you with a bridal party at a salon in Corpus Christi in or around the year 1998?” That wouldn’t be strange, would it? WOULD IT?

——-Back on Topic———

So, I got an advance copy of Shankle’s new book (that comes out early next month) over the summer. I inhaled it in one sitting because, her voice is so relatable and easy to hear but also because it’s like she’s in my head. So many of her experiences or things that she talks about run parallel to my own life.

The book is equal-parts like you’re visiting with your oldest, dearest friends on the back porch on a cool morning and soulful, deep thoughts. As cliche as it sounds, I laughed and I cried. Her chapter about her grandparents hit me hard and deep. I love Shankle’s writing style and her book felt a lot like an extra long blog post–which is just what I was hoping for.


You can order the book HERE

I mean, just look at her…

Melanie Shankle
Melanie Shankle

She’s cute, she’s fashion-forward and she can wear boots non-ironically. Order Church of the Small Things: The Million Little Pieces That Make Up a Life now. It comes out on October 3 and will make the best reading for sitting through soccer practices, sitting outside enjoying the cooler weather or holeing up in a quiet room to escape your family during Thanksgiving (oh wait, is that just me?)

I’ll be back soon…I promise.