It’s a sign

I recently gave my notice at my part-time job. Since last fall, I’ve worked at a clothing and home decor boutique near my kids’ school. The job was great and was working out nicely for me…until it wasn’t anymore. Then, I felt the pull to begin sharing my story here on An Introvert’s Guide to Sobriety and my heart and my head were suddenly elsewhere.

Nevertheless, giving my notice and giving up a job that I enjoyed has been a little heart-wrenching for me–not to mention losing the interactions with the people whom I’ve formed  friendships with there (as well as a little extra money to add to our bank account every month). There’s a definite feeling of “am I crazy to ditch this job for the unknown?” and my feelings have vacillated between excitement for what I can do with this blog and fear of change and failure. So, all of these feelings have been cycling through my head this week.

Then, today, I was working on some merchandising at the store–moving stuff around–and BONK! Something hit me on the head.

Embrace Change

This sign fell off the wall and bonked me straight up’side my head. If that wasn’t a “sign,” (see, it’s funny because it is a LITERAL SIGN…get it?) I don’t know what is.

Many times we fear change…and I’m the worst offender. I’m such a stickler for routine that I will rarely even consider taking a different route to the grocery store. Why is that? Are we afraid that making a change will upset the order in our lives? What if making a change could make things easier or more fulfilling?

Six years ago, I feared the change that giving up alcohol would bring to my life. I had established a little routine around my drinking and it wasn’t comfortable at all to give that up. I took away my favorite parachute and it was super scary. But I’m so happy that I had the courage to make the change.

I know that quitting my job will leave me feeling a little lost at times; and sharing my story here is pushing myself way out of my comfort zone for sure. It’s never easy to force ourselves out of the comfort of a routine but I hope that you’ll embrace a little change in your own life, along with me.

People resist change...

Are you currently resisting change? Why? What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain? 


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