Friday Favorites–Window/Mirror Decals

Last year, while shopping on Jane, I saw these Christmas decals and I knew that I needed them to dress up our mirrors and front door. As it turns out, they were my favorite part of our decorations last year and they cost less than $10 each! 

Mirror Decal

So, this year, I was on the hunt for something similar (because, when using decals like this on any surface–other than a permanent fixture–they’re not salvageable after removal). Yet again, Jane came through for me. Here are the decals that I bought this year and where I put them:


Our front door, demanding that all who enter “Be Merry,” dammit!



Our “freebie” mirror, from a neighbor who was moving and desperately dumping items right and left, needed a little Holiday cheer…



I’m so pleased with how the decals turned out this year too. Either I’ve become a decal-application-expert or maybe these decals were a little better constructed, but I had an easier time getting them on this year too. I love how the decals add a special Holiday touch to our home, without busting our budget! 

Daily Boutique Deals
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