Friday Favorites–Lash Boost + Superhero

One of the things that I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older is that my eyelashes just don’t have the oomph that they used to have. I’ve tried lots (LOTS!) of different mascaras. I’ve sold my soul to Ulta and Sephora and still manage to walk out with puny, little lashes.

Just before resigning to wearing falsies for special occasions, I considered eyelash extensions for about 15 minutes one day–until I discovered the time investment in getting them applied (and then filled every few weeks)–not to mention the cost! And the upkeep! (No wearing mascara? No sleeping on your side or tummy? And no rubbing your eyes? So many rules…)

So, when Rodan and Fields launched their new lash serum, Lash Boost late last year, I begrudgingly handed over my wallet to my friend/R+F Consultant and put my sad little eyelashes in her hands (figuratively, not literally).

Coincidentally, the same time that I started using Lash Boost, I also bought some new mascara by It Cosmetics. Superhero was all a’buzz on the internet, so I wanted to try it. I’ve become a die-hard It Cosmetics fan and I trusted their mascara to make me happy.

Well, it’s now been 2 solid months of applying Lash Boost diligently before bed every night and I can really see a difference. The Superhero mascara is the icing on the cake. The combination of the two products is rocking my little world!

IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara | Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

I’m really happy with the Superhero mascara. It can get a little clumpy if I don’t wipe the excess off of the spoolie before I apply it, but otherwise, I think it’s the bee’s knees. It doesn’t give me raccoon eyes by the end of the day yet it’s still easy to remove at night. 

I used Latisse when it first hit the market many years ago and, while I got results from it, it also irritated my eyelids to no end. I had red and raw eyelids (albeit long lashes) the whole time I used it. Lash Boost hasn’t irritated my lids at all and I started to see results after about 4 weeks of use. I’m still on my original tube and will likely back down to using it every-other-night now that I’ve got the length that I was hoping for. The price is very reasonable when compared to the costs and hassle associated with lash extensions. I’m a believer. 

The only downside of having long, lush lashes is that they tickle my brow bone and brush against the inside of my sunglasses, which is a minor detail that i’m willing to live with for long, lush lashes! 

Have you tried either of these products? Your thoughts?


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