Friday Favorites–Advent Calendar

I’ve posted a photo or two of our wood Advent Calendar on Instagram and it’s gotten a lot of love from you all, so I thought I’d tell you a bit more about it today for Friday Favorites, because it is one of my favorite Christmas Decor items in our home.


My wonderful Mother-in-law made this for us (hooray for former art teachers!) the year we got married and it’s adorned our walls every Christmas since. It’s one of my favorite pieces of Christmas decor and my children will fight over it when I’m dead and gone. 


My mother-in-law cut out each individual piece and hand-painted it all. She’s something else.


The little orange kitty is a favorite of mine. Also, the year that our cat, Thunder was a kitten at Christmas, every day, he’d jump up and steal the baby Jesus out of his crib (he wasn’t glued in at the time–he is now) and hide him about the house. It was equal-parts hilarious and disturbing.

And, now that we have kids, I really appreciate that this Advent calendar has exactly zero to do with “getting something.” I don’t know about you, but my kids don’t need an extra piece of crappy chocolate to fight over for 24 days in December and I don’t need 24 extra mini gifts to come up with to fill an Advent Calendar. 

I didn’t want to show off my awesome Advent Calendar, then tell you that you’re out of luck if you wanted one too, so I did some looking around online and found some good options that can be purchased:


Merry Christmas Wood Advent Calendar, via Etsy


This one is a favorite of mine. Simple, rustic and sweet. If you’re crafty, you could probably make one of these rather easily too. 


Christmas Advent calendar pattern
Christmas Advent calendar pattern

Speaking of making an Advent Calendar yourself, this felt pattern is so cute! It would be extra fun for little kids. 

Lighted Santa’s Advent Wooden Workshop

This advent calendar above has the compartments for gifts or candy, but I love the authentic look of it. It looks like something that Santa himself made at the North Pole.

Do you have a favorite Advent Calendar in your home? Tell us about it…


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