…we’ve all got ’em and today, I’m letting you in on my inner-workings. I’ve got me some quirks and here are just a few: 

1: I positively cringe when I hear people use the term, “You guys” in possessive form such as “You guy’s” (or, even worse, “Your guy’s”).  God love him, but Chip Gaines of HGTV-fame and “Fixer Upper” does this every. blessed. episode. Example: “We’ve decided to add on to you guy’s patio and install a hot tub for your guy’s enjoyment!” Just say YOU and YOUR. This legitimately makes me twitchy. No, it actually really makes me crazy

Chip Gaines, master offender of "You Guys"
Chip Gaines, master offender of “You Guys


2: I have to shower before bed. I can not sleep at night if I’m not clean. It’s not uncommon for me to shower in the morning and at night. It has very little to do with cleanliness as much as it has to do with warming myself up. My feet are always cold–especially at bedtime and I can’t sleep with cold feet.

3: Speaking of always being cold…last year, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Yes HYPER…the less-common thyroid condition (because I love to take the <medical> road less-traveled, I suppose). Hyperthyroidism is the one that makes you LOSE weight. And no, I didn’t lose a ton of weight. Instead, I was eating cream cheese EVERYTHING during the holidays and didn’t gain any weight. That should’ve been a clue. I’ve also always been “cold natured” which is a symptom of a thyroid disorder. But, what sent me to the hospital (and, eventually, landed me a diagnosis) was heart palpitations. I don’t wish that on anyone. It’s very scary to feel like you’re having a heart attack. My thyroid condition is now under control but my heart still races at least once during the day, most every day. 

4: I’ve always wanted to foster animals. I work closely with shelters and rescue groups for a freelance writing gig that I do, so I’ve known about the importance of foster homes for pets for quite some time. I always wanted to do it, but was too busy with my young kids and was afraid that I’d never be able to take in animals, only to give them back to the shelter when it was time for them to be adopted.

Recently though, my kids have gotten old-enough and responsible enough to help with our pets and we have a guest room that’s vacant 99% of the year–a perfect, quiet place to let some kittens hang out. So I turned in my foster application at our local animal shelter. Later that same week, we had a mama cat and her 4 babies living in our guest room. They’ll be with us for about 3 weeks–until the babies are big enough to have all of their shots and be spayed/neutered, then they’ll go up for adoption at our local no-kill shelter.

Fostering animals is an important way that you can help animal shelters. By fostering, you give animals the opportunity to live in a household and be socialized–which greatly helps their chances of being adopted. Fostering also makes room in the shelter for more animals in need. It’s a rewarding opportunity, and it will also hurt really badly when it’s time to take the kitties to their new homes. Someone, hold me. 


Such a good mama
Such a good mama


Mama kitty, who we've named Jacobean (Bean for short)
Mama kitty, who we’ve named Jacobean (“Bean” for short)

Ok, I’ve told you some of my quirks…now, let us hear some of yours. It’s only fair…




4 thoughts on “Quirks

  1. Laura (lucyscout) on Instagram says:

    Hello! What a wonderful post! I have been volunteering in animal shelters for over 20 years! I love that you are fostering!
    Here are some of my quirks..
    1) there are never dishes in my sink, ever!
    2) when I leave my house, sometimes I circle back around to make sure I have closed my garage door. (Even though I know I did)
    3) I am usually, always, wearing black
    4) I like people, but I can’t be around them for too long before I have to go to “my quiet place.”
    5) I hate when people use the word “to” when it should be “too”
    6) I want to live in a Hallmark Christmas movie!

  2. Erika says:

    Quirks are awesome. Let’s make a t-shirt.

    Some of mine:
    -I never sit with my back to the door
    -I give at least one compliment a day to a stranger
    -When I finish reading a book, I place it on my chest and close my eyes in some weird thankful osmosis move
    -I fall asleep on airplanes before even leaving the tarmac #airplanenarcolepsy

    • Jenny Jurica says:

      I wish we lived closer–I would love to be the beneficiary of your daily compliments. You give the best compliments. 🙂

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