5 ways to spoil overnight guests


…during the holidays and beyond.

Disclosure time: I consider myself a darn good host but I haven’t always been. It’s taken me years and years to perfect the art of making my house guests comfortable in my home. Let’s just say that there were some incidents, early in my hosting, that maybe involved a moldy coffeepot and cat pee on the bed. But, enough of that…

During the Holidays, we typically have a revolving door of overnight guests. Between my divorced parents and my husband’s large extended family and my out-right refusal to spend Christmas anywhere but at home, we get the honor of hosting lots of people between the months of November and January–and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our guest room, all dressed and ready for Holiday guests


I have several little touches that I like to add to our guest room, to make our guests feel welcome, comfortable and slightly spoiled.

Today, I’m sharing my top 5 ways that I like to spoil our guests (this post contains affiliate links that help to offset the expense of running and maintaining this blog.)

1: Charging Station

Hyper Gear Charging Station

Most everyone travels with a phone and usually an iPad or Kindle or some other type of contraption these days,  so it makes sense to give them a handy place to charge their devices when staying in your home. Nobody likes digging around behind beds or couches, looking for an outlet in someone else’s house. Provide your guests with an easy place to plug in, while they “un-plug” and enjoy the Holidays with you. 


2: Current magazines

Real Simple

There’s nothing worse than old, dusty, out-dated magazines in a doctor’s office waiting room, or in your guest room. If you’re like me, you’ve amassed a serious magazine collecting habit, thanks to school fundraisers. So, after you thumb through your Holiday editions of your favorite magazines, stash them in the guest room on the bedside table and share them with your Holiday guests.

3: Water Carafe

Water Carafe

I’m a compulsive water drinker and, (if we’re being honest here) I get a little twitchy if I don’t have drinking water available to me at bedtime. I love this water carafe because it keeps your guests from having to pilfer through your kitchen in the middle of the night, looking for some water to wet their whistle.

4:  TYLER Glamour Wash Laundry Detergent High Maintenance

TYLER Glamour Wash Laundry Detergent

If you’re familiar with TYLER Candles you know the quality and uniqueness of their scents. Tyler sells their familiar scents (High Maintenance is my favorite) in a laundry detergent. Now, I’m not going to lie: This stuff is pricey, for what it is, but the scent is so nice and long-lasting. I use Glamorous Wash on our guest bed linens, when company is coming. It adds that extra touch to the room and guests always remark on how good our sheets smell. A helpful tip: I use way less Glamorous Wash than what the package indicates or, you can also buy a small bottle of Glamorous Wash and add it to a big bottle of scentless detergent to stretch it a bit.

5: Leave towels out

This certainly isn’t my more revolutionary tip for hosting overnight guests, but it bears repeating: I don’t want my guests to feel like they need to rummage through our cabinets to find what they need in the bathroom. Also, there’s nothing worse than looking in someone’s linen closet, trying to determine which towels they want you to use…”Do they want me cleaning my butt with this pristine, fluffy monogrammed towel?”

I like to keep a basket out with clean towels and washcloths for my guests in plain view. I repurposed a metal fruit basket from the kitchen to hold some toiletries and washcloths in our guest bath. Here’s a similar option, that I like better because it’s larger and rectangular, taking up less counter space: 

Metal Fruit Basket

There’s something really special about hosting overnight guests. You’re inviting them into your home and letting them see your home (and you) at it’s most vulnerable–morning breath much? With a few little touches, you can make your overnight guests feel comfortable and maybe a little spoiled while staying in your home. 

How do you prepare for overnight guests?


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