2017 goals

I’m an action-oriented, list-making type of person, so I enjoy the beginning of a new year and all of the promise and potential that it holds. I’ve never really been a resolution-maker but lately, I’ve grown accustomed to setting some goals and intentions for myself at the beginning of the year. 

This year, I have some goals and I thought I’d share them here, in the hopes that they’ll inspire you and also hold me accountable.

Without further ado, here are my goals for 2017…

~Blogging Goals~

I started this blog in July 2016, only really hoping to reach a couple of people who might be struggling with sobriety. I turned this blog into a “job” for myself, writing at least 3 times a week and connecting with others via social media. I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the reception that I’ve received and so I’m setting some loftier goals for 2017. Here’s what I hope to achieve: 

Reach more people: I just know that there are more people out there who feel alone and are struggling. Would you mind sharing my blog if you feel like it could help anyone in your world? 

Put myself out there more: there’s more to my story that I haven’t delved into yet and I feel like it needs to be told. Hopefully I’ll find the courage to share more as the year unfolds. 

Reach out to help those struggling: On an almost weekly-basis, someone who has found my blog and read my story reaches out to me to ask for help or just to say, “thank you for saying what I’m feeling.” I want to be able to help and be available to people who need someone who understands. 

Share my lessons and struggles: Everyday I’m learning something new about myself and my “journey” and I want to be open, honest and vulnerable in sharing it. It’s not always easy and it’s seldom pretty, but it needs to be told. 


~Personal goals~

Get back into a workout schedule: *Beware–most basic New Year’s goal ever ahead* Over the past month, I’ve fallen off of the workout wagon. I have managed to keep up with walking the dog with some regularity (because she won’t let me rest otherwise) but I haven’t done anything physical beyond that in awhile. I’ve told of my love for Momma Strong HERE before and I plan to get back into a 5 day a week routine very soon. One of the beauties of Momma Strong is that, for only $2 a month, I don’t feel too terribly guilty for throwing that money away on last month’s absence.

Read less “beach-reads” and more thought-provoking books: I’m typically drawn to easy, fluffy fiction but on occasion, I read something more deep that sticks with me a little longer. I’m planning to pick up more of the books that challenge me this year and treat the “beach-reads” as more junk food–a treat. 

~Family goals~

Get my kids to eat better: Ugh. These kids…they’re horrible eaters. The Holidays were no exception either. I’m hoping to get back on the Cook Smarts wagon in a big way and encourage them to eat outside of the box (literally and figuratively) in the New Year. 

Be present with my kids: Over the Holiday break, I had several instances where my phone was nowhere to be found, the laptop was dead and stored somewhere and all that I had in front of me were my kids. It was the best. Everyone’s attitude changes when devices aren’t around and I’m better able to be present with my kids. I want to have more of these moments throughout the year.

Find a church: Over the years, I’ve really gotten a bad taste in my mouth about churches. I crave the sense of family and the fellowship that comes from being a part of a church, but more often than not, my dreams are squashed when I come away disappointed by petty, clique-y behaviors, narrow-mindedness and groups that don’t “practice what they preach.” There are a couple of local churches on my radar that I want to give a shot this year. I’d love it if my family could find a church home that was welcoming and fed our souls. I think we could all really benefit from that.

Go away with Kevin for the weekend at least once a year: Kevin and I had the opportunity to get away for the weekend early last month. We didn’t go far from home, but we didn’t have our kids with us and it was the best weekend that we’ve had in a long time. Just the indulgence of being able to have long, uninterrupted conversations about deep stuff and not-so-deep stuff was such a joy. We got to eat where WE wanted (absolutely no Rainforest Cafe) and we had dessert with every meal and–get this– we got to choose what WE wanted (and NOT the ice cream sundae with gummy bears on top that inevitably get too hard to chew due to the cold ice cream and get dumped in the trash, when it’s all said and done). That weekend was like a reset button for us personally and for our marriage. We need to do that at least once a year. No exceptions.


~Home Goals~

Stick with a cleaning schedule: I’ve dabbled with a cleaning schedule before and had success…until I stopped following it and things got out of control quickly. Pinterest is lousy with cleaning schedules and corresponding cleaning charts. I need to find a schedule that works for me and stick with it. 

Charity donations: In the past, I’ve had good luck with scheduling a charity pickup once a month. It’s astounding how much stuff we amass and I’ve found that having an “out” for that stuff really helps us to keep everything in check. From clothes that we’ve outgrown to trinkets that we’ve collected, my house runs so much more smoothly when we’re lean and mean around here. 

Image courtesy of Glennon Doyle Melton


Now it’s your turn–share your goals with us in the comments!


2 thoughts on “2017 goals

  1. Émilie says:

    I’m one of those ladies that stumbled upon your blog at the beginning of December and it was eyes opening. Your story and your words are of great help and support to me, to my own path. Thank you 🙂

    • Jenny Jurica says:

      Emilie! Welcome! So happy to have you here–and you’re why I started this blog. I just knew there were more people like us out there. Looking forward to hearing from you more. xoxo Jenny

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