Fall home tour 2016


I have a couple of confessions to make. First of all, I decided on the rainiest day in months to take photos of my Fall decor. This, coupled with my already horribly shameful photography skills, resulted in some very “meh” photos. However, I have an unreasonable love for looking at Home Tours on blogs, so I thought I’d share mine today–for better or for worse. So, without further ado…


This is my purple front door that I painted last Fall. You can read about the process here.

fall mantel

Here’s our mantel–nothing fancy, but I do try to adhere to the “groupings of three” rule, when possible. I use a lot of white in our house, so I particularly love the white pumpkin and white birds on the mantel. Also, I’ve had those grapevine, lighted pumpkins for so long–probably 18 years or so. Every year, I hold my breath when I plug them in, but so far, so good. #fingerscrossed 


My kids insisted on getting the crow skeletons, which I have mixed feelings about, seeing as though I feed my beloved birds right outside. Oh well….on November 1, I’ll go bury them in the backyard. 


This is the shelf that I have outside of our guest room. I like to decorate it seasonally. I threw these things on it as an afterthought after I finished decorating the rest of the house, but it’s kind of growing on me.

Happy Fall

Thank you for indulging my paltry Fall home tour with sub-par photography. Link to your own home tour in the comments…



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